Chris Guillen Captures Life

Thank you so much for being so awesome to work with! It has been such a pleasure and your work is beautiful!

Best Always.

Angela & Brian
June 19, 2010

Once again, Thank You! for making our wedding so special. You truly captured the day and evening just as it happened and really caught our families' personalities in every shot!

Beautifully done. Thank you!

Jen & Luke
May 30, 2010

Thank you very much for the beautiful wedding photographs. Your style is unique yet classic and we value your appreciation of this art form. It is clear great pride is taken in your work. Not only are the photos beautiful but your service has been first class. Thanks to Chris for holding our hands and helping us pick all the perfect shots. Thanks to Karra for being an awesome presence on our wedding day and taking all those perfect shots. Her energy level was amazing the entire day and she was truly dedicated to the moment. We loved having her around! And finally, thanks to anyone else who may have been working behind the scenes assisting with this process. You all make the perfect team and produce a great package!

Allyson & Addison
July 11, 2008

My wife and I could not be happier with our wedding pictures from Chris Guillen Photography. The quality of each photo in our proofs is remarkable. When we hired Chris, we knew we would get outstanding photos because we had see his work, but we had no idea how great he would be on our wedding day. He was so patient with my family (which says a lot), and while he was working our reception, Chris was a really fun guest! Everyone was talking about how much they loved our photographer at brunch the next day. Chris made sure we have pictures of everything and everybody. Honestly, I could not be happier with his services.

Shelley & Tyler
June 23, 2007

Everyone has been raving about you! Whenever I talk to someone who was at the wedding, the first thing they say is how great you were. Thank you for making it such a fun day.

Traci & Marty
May 12, 2007

We couldn't be more thrilled with the beautiful photographs of our wedding day. We loved every minute and are so happy that you captured it so completely. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jacqueyn and Eric
July 2, 2006

Every so often I click on your website to see what your amazing talent has produced and was really excited to see that you had once featured our wedding in the 'A Story' tab!

I am happy to see, but not the least bit surprised, that you have expanded your studio to include other genuine, inspired and talented artists. I wish wonderful things for the future of your business and TO THIS DAY believe that, aside from the husband, Chris Guillen Photography was hands down the best decision I made for my wedding. Eleven years later I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience and beautiful collective portrait of that amazing day.

Heather & Mike
July 20, 2001

When we hired Chris, we expected a great photographer and what we got was so much more. His photographs captured the essence of our wedding celebration in a very candid and evocative way. More than a photographer, Chris was a welcome guest who had a great sense of humor whenever you realized he was there, which wasn’t that often due to his non-intrusive style of picture taking. I have recommended Chris to everyone I know who is getting married. He was the photographer at both of my brother’s weddings and we are all so pleased with the beautiful images he creates.

Liz & Steve
May 22, 1999